Occasionally, a client’s environment has restrictions on user access to a browser or to run restricted desktops that cannot access the BarTender Web Print server to generate on-demand Barcode labels. If this is the case,  you still have the option of  printing using a utility included with AdvanceLabel. Here are the steps:

  1. Access the manual print transaction either via standard SAP menus,

Logistics Execution->Enterprise Label->Manual print

or using the T-code /Advsys/manuallbl

Manual Print transaction

Manual Print transaction

Enter the values as follows:

  • Label format – this refers to the template you use for printing your labels. Note:  you can leave this value blank. (I will explain more shortly.)
  • Printer – this should be self explanatory.
  • Copies – the number of copies of each label needed.

Document data:

  • The application works by retrieving data from the provided document and generating your label, so enter one of the values for either delivery, shipment or handling unit.

That’s it. Select execute and you have your labels.

Note: in the case where a format is not provided, the application will use the customer (identified in the document provided) and determine the specific label that customer requires (assuming the label format is maintained), and uses that format automatically.

If you have any questions, please drop us a note.

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