AdvanceShip for SAP

A complete, integrated solutin for small parcel processing

Integrated – Complete

AdvanceShip for SAP is a totally integrated shipping solution that makes it easy to coordinate shipping customer order through multiple carriers. With AdvanceShip, you have instant access to vital shipping information, whether you’re at a distribution center or customer service department.  AdvanceShip eliminates the need to call or email to get tracking numbers and order status. In addition, our integrated solution helps reduce re-key errors, increase productivity and cut costs.

Integrated freight costs and pricing

Utilize standard freight conditions to capture carrier charges.

Enhanced routing

Realistic delivery dates can be generated based on carrier delivery times.

Address validation

Ship-to addresses are validated as they are being entered for greater accuracy.

A Complete Integrated Solution

All standard features are accessed within the usual SAP functions. This means you can use our enhanced tools whenever you like, but you can always revert to standard applications with a click.

EXAMPLE: You can pack in one warehouse using our powerful packing application, while using standard SAP packing support elsewhere. We support an infinite number of process scenarios. What’s more, our integrated solution helps eliminate re-key errors, increases productivity, and dramatically cuts costs.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Using standard messaging functionality, you can provide customers updates on the status of their orders, including:

  • Ship notification (including tracking information)
  • Proof of delivery

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