BOL2 for SAP

BOL2 – Bill of Lading for SAP

Bill of lading output solution for SAP ERP logistics environments

Generating a bill of lading from SAP has never been easier. We call it BOL2 because generating a complicated form such as a bill of lading requires a more intelligent solution. We take it to the next level by providing the ability to not only generate Bill of Ladings directly from SAP documents but also, manually and via our Web application. No external software or servers to maintain all native SAP.


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  • Standard VICS version
  • Uniform Standard Bill of Lading
  • Useful as a standard Output type
  • Delivery, shipment or manual Bill of ladings
  • Standalone application to generate Bill of ladings manually (forget PC based software)
  • Easily Customizable using standard SAP tools.

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Advanced tools

Embrace and Extend – Our methodology is simple, use SAP as a foundation. Then, build advanced tools that extend the functionality but never affect the standard data or standard functions.

What this means to you.

Our solutions are built on top of standard SAP functions. Because we do not replace SAP functionality at any time, your investment is safe. You can use our tools when necessary, but continue to use standard SAP tools in situations where the additional capabilities are not needed.

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