Advanced Smartforms for SAP

Standard Smartforms library

Developing standard forms so you dont have to.


Typical forms when not available in your SAP system, average 5-10 days of custom development support to create.  When legal and regulatory changes occur customers struggle to make changes in a timely manner. With our standard forms, we make updated forms available as soon as regulations change that can be implemented by our customers in minutes and not days. No developers required.



  • Standardized format
  • Fixed cost (no custom development costs)
  • Updates available to address changes in industry and legal regulations.
  • Implemented in minutes not days or weeks

Bill Of Lading

The bill of lading is one of the most complex forms available, features of our form

  • GS1/VICS format
  • AIAG format
  • Standard Straight
  • GSA format

Certificate of Origin


Electronic Export Information (EEI)

Manage pack stations and control loads driven to pack stations. View pack station workloads at the warehouse level within SAP and with Advanced Solutions’ new CommandView management app.

We have an ever increasing library of standard Smartforms forms so check with us if we have a standard to address your needs.

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