A better way to manage your loads

Advanced Solutions holistic approach to Supply Chains includes our advanced driver app that improves your load delivery business processes by giving you access to load details, documents, proof of delivery all in an easy to use application. Reduce wait times, get loaded/unloaded faster with access to all the details typically only available in a full TMS all in your hands.


Generate paper copies if necessary,  all your data is available digitially on your device, in the case of backOffice operators this is also synchronized to your backOffice.


Capture proof of delivery e-signature on your phone or tablet to complete your load and sync to your backoffice or send to appropriate parties.

Works the way you work

BackOffice or in Cab Office, AdvancedTransport works for small independents and larger carriers who would benefit from our backoffice TMS.

Complete Load Visibility

AdvancedTransport provides the driver complete 360 degree visibility of current , planned and past loads.

For carriers, backOffice created loads automatically display in a drivers view.

Independents – manage everything from your phone once you pick up your load, enter your details and use all the features.

Digitize load documents

Capture and crop hard copies of freight documents such as bill of ladings with our leading edge mobile document capture, no need for an inCab scanner. Convert your documents to perfect digital copies that can be stored, sent to the back office, consignees etc.

Intelligent features

AdvancedTransport in conjunction with our library of Advanced Solutions tools provides a level of integration unseen in the industry.

  • Automatic Scheduling – when picking up a load with dynamic updates ensuring your customer knows when you’ll arrive .
  • Advanced Check-in™ – Provides proximity based check in at supported docks saving you time and reducing dwell time.
  • AdvancedConnect™ – Provides the ability to receive (eBOL) Electronic Bill of Ladings from Consignors and then transfer the same Electronic Bill of Ladings to Consignees

Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Cut down on paperwork, find your DVIRs when you need them. Document defects with pictures right and comments right in the mobile device. Submit directly to home office Dispatch software.

Ready to save time and money?

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