Advanced Dock Management for SAP WM

Advanced Dock Management for SAP

Complete carrier, loading/unloading dock managment and visibility.

Dock Scheduling

Capture carrier appointments, preplan dock door allocations to improve your dock productivity

Complete visibility of shipments

Check-in, loading, Checkout, track every step of the way

Works With your Existing Environment

We work with your existing version of SAP ECC and S/4 HANA. SAP Cloud support coming soon. All environments supported by same application.

Advanced Dock Management for SAP WM

 Advanced Dock Management

Using our exclusive tablet-based front end, you can:

  • Schedule a carrier requesting dock time
  • Check in arriving carriers
  • Auto assign dock door based on Shipping or Receiving
  • Scan receiving documents to identify shipment automatically
  • Track Shipment checkin, loading start, unloading start in SAP
  • Perform document updates of each status
  • Report on
    • Carrier Timeliness
    • Loading times
    • Unloading times
    • Shipment resource assignment

Arriving drivers are already used to checking in themselves and getting their door assignment

Plant Manager – Consumer Goods Distributor

Advanced Check-In

  • Automatic driver checkin when combined with our AdvancedTransport or AdvancedPOD driver app.


Advanced Dock Management for SAP WM

SAP Integrated

  • Fully integrated configuration in SAP
  • Centralized management of functionality
  • Supports standard SAP authorizations for use
  • Changes using standard change control (CTS)
  • The only standard solution for dock management for SAP
  • No external server or cloud necessary


For Bill of lading management only

AdvanceDock includes Bill of lading management capabilities that are also available alone using our AdvancedBOL solution.

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