On December 4, 2014, the Mexican SAT updated the rules related to electronic accounting. You can find the rules identified as the Seventh Resolution of Modifications to the 2014 Miscellaneous Tax Resolution and its Annex 24 update here.

The main change impacts our customers with revenues over $4 million pesos.

  • Chart of Accounts
    • Should be sent for the first time with the trial balances by March 3, 2015.
    • It only needs to be sent again if there is a change, and then it should be sent in the filing period corresponding to the date the changes were made.
  • Trial Balances
    • Filing is now for the period beginning January 2015, and are due monthly with January reporting due no later then March 3.
  • XML Format
    • Enhancements were made to the XML format (Version 1.1)
      • Accommodates use of customer digital seal and serial number.
    • New XML type were introduced to serve as auxiliaries. (More details to follow as we analyze the details.)

We will update this post as we learn more about thenew rules and what they might mean to our customers. SAP has acknowledged some of these changes and there are several updates to implement the XML version changes. If you need help implementing these changes, please contact us.

If you are an active support customer, contact your Advanced Solutions rep to schedule a briefing on the changes .


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