Quite often we are asked to perform our work using the ASAP methodology, a lot of times I am not so certain that there is a good understanding of what ASAP Is and why it is useful and why you would not necessarily care wether it is used or not.

The main Phases of the ASAP methodology conisist of

1. Project Planning
2. Blueprint
3. Realization
4. Transition

Let’s go through these and I’ll explain what each phase is intended to accomplish.

1. Project Planning

Oh this is so simple it needs very little discussion, in this phase your deliverable is a plan (Oh yes I went on and on about plans before) , yes there are more and more details when it comes to SAP but if we are looking at software development our main objective is to have a plan.

2. Blueprint

In my mind this is THE most important Phase of all and also the one that is usually

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