When working with our solutions or third party solutions we regularly need to establish a SSL/TLS connection to SAP for secure communications. In today’s post Ill walk you through the steps necessary to get your SSL connection up and running and show you how to quickly verify that its working.

  1. Add your https connection parameters

a. In SAP access transaction RZ10 to edit server profile.

SAP parameter RZ10

b. Select your instance profile, select the extended maintenance option and select Change button

c. Select the new parameter push button to add a parameter.

d. In the parameter entry screen enter https parameter and settings as shown below, note these are the defaults you can change these to suit your needs but my recommendation is to use the defaults as a starting point and then change them as necessary after testing.

Note typically you will already have a http and smtp connection as those come available out of the box, the digit at the end of the server port “3” in the example below, assumes that 0 was used for http, 1 used for SMTP.

Add profile parameter

Select Copy button when complete.

  1. Restart your SAP service
  2. Add your new http port.

a. Access SMICM transaction.

b. Select GoTo-Services.

c. Select Service->Create.

d.Enter https port settings

  1. Add your STRUST settings
  2. Activate your services
  3. Test your results



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