When packing handling units for shipping, or processing inbound handling units, it’s common to need to weigh and post this value to SAP. We often work with companies to automate the process of getting these values in SAP automatically so in this blog post I’ll quickly show you how to use the standard SAP scale integration.

Using our AdvancePack solution, desktop connected scales are used to read the weight of materials and handling units during the packing process.  We can use the same tools in other areas in SAP.

You’ll need:

  • Configuration access to your system.
  • Our ScaleConnect for SAP software for each desktop or a comparable third party scale integration application.

If you’re using our AdvancePack workstation, you already have the necessary configuration.

Organizational structure for packing stations

As an overview, I’ll define a Packing Station (WM) and WorkCenter (EWM).  The structure is usually defined as follows for WM and EWM environments:

SAP Packstation structure

Fig. 1 Packing station structures in WM or EWM.

I’ll describe the WM settings specifically, but the settings are basically the same in EWM except they are called WorkCenters instead of Packing Stations in EWM.


Desktop scale integration to SAP


Define an RFC connection to the scale

First, define a RFC connection to each Pack station scale and test the connection. (Note: standardized naming is important before starting, otherwise you’ll have a mess on your hands as you deploy more PCs and scales.) There are several settings but the only one that matters is the Program ID.

SM59 RFC Connection

Fig. 2 RFC connection for Pack Station scale interface.

In transaction HUPAST_C, for each packing station, refer to the RFC connection you created in the previous step.


HUPAST_C settings

Fig. 3 HUPAST_C settings in ECC


Fig. 4 WorkCenter settings in EWM. And that’s it.

Test your Packing Station

In AdvancePack, select the weight button or select F5 to refresh the weight on the screen. In the standard SAP pack screen, select the “Weigh” button.

Pack station weighing

Fig. 5 Reading scale weight in HUPAST screen.

What happens in the background is that SAP makes an RFC call to the scale to read the weight.  The return value is read and imported into the screen. Wala! you have now integrated a desktop scale directly to SAP.

I hope this information is helpful, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.




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