OCR Best practices

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Some General OCR Guidelines

  • Fonts should be at least a 10pt
    • Recommend headings have a constant font size vs body text – dont mix.
  • Straightness of the scan can affect OCR quality. Skewed pages can lead to inaccurate recognition.
  • Documents should use the same Font family
  • Documents are scanned in grayscale.
  • Should not use Flash
  • Position the lens parallel to the plane of the document and point it toward the center of the text. At full optical zoom, the distance between the camera and the document must be sufficient to fit the entire document into the frame. Usually this distance will be 50-60 cm.
  •  If possible, use a tripod to avoid shaking.

Original source information: https://support.abbyy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017326979

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