FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                            November 2, 2018

Chicago, IL. (Nov. 2,2018) – Advanced Solutions introduced CommandView for SAP WM/EWM, an operational analytics platform to give warehouse managers real-time tools to make informed labor, receiving, packing, picking and shipping decisions.

CommandView provides critical analytics and intelligence to help managers run streamlined, efficient supply chains. Powerful user-friendly dashboards let you view open orders, month-to-month order comparisons, wave statuses, labor allocation, pack station flow, shipments awaiting carriers and inventory accuracy scorecards. CommandView also leverages AdvancedIQ AI technology to support accurate cycle counting and related inventory management activities.

Mobile command and control center

Using exclusive tablet-based software, CommandView can help managers:

  • Manage high-velocity e-commerce and omni-channel orders.
  • Make critical labor reallocation decisions on the fly.
  • Expedite orders based on priority; manage seasonal fluctuations.
  • Predict and prepare for customer demand.
  • Leverage operational analytics to gain new levels of order visibility.

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About Advanced Solutions: Advanced Solutions is a supply chain technology solution provider focused on digitization and visibility of logistics supply chains. To learn more, go to our website.


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