SAP is such a vast system that it’s very easy to miss functionality in the base system. We regularly field requests for a solution to print barcoded bin labels on demand. Here are some ways you can use existing SAP functions for this process.

SAP has a rarely known application, “Transaction Code LM55,” that allows you to generate barcoded labels for your bins on demand. It uses a standard SAPscript format form LVSBINPRINT that SHOULD be modified to create some sort of standard for how your bins are identified.

We help our customers define an identification standard when initially implementing SAP WM/EWM. At that time, we recommend that this standard is reflected in the replacement for LVSBINPRINT. Over time, your bin labels will need to be replaced and, as you add new bins, you’ll need to generate some of your standard labels. This tool ensures that all your bins are identified and follow your standards.

As you perform location facing (as we recommend in our post here: Leading practices a place for everything and everything in its place) or regular maintenance, your personnel can generate labels on demand to ensure your locations are always clearly marked.

Note: Typically we use pre-printed high quality bin labels when setting up a new warehouse and use this method to supplement when bin labels are damaged or change etc. Pre-printed warehouse labels will always be a higher quality and work better especially from distances. 

Let us know if you have any questions or comments on this process.

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