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Complying with Nissan’s unique EDI requirement

June 2018 – August 2018

– Case Description

Karl Schmidt Unisia Inc., a Tier 1 international automotive supplier, needed a way to integrate Nissan’s unique EDI requirements into their SAP processes.

Nissan uses the concept of RAN (Receipt Authorization Number), an engineered number that identifies the production of a part and provides traceability from forecast to delivery.

A typical RAN number is made up of several components that are not critical to the supplier, but are used by Nissan to identify such things as the designated facility and type of material.

SAP does not provide a way for this reference number to be incorporated within the standard order flow.

Previously, Karl Schmidt printed each EDI release and manually managed the process as it went through production, ensuring the appropriate RAN numbers were used for each step and final shipment.


Working with the company’s planning team, we implemented a standard Advanced Solutions IDOC for the ASC 830 to automate the process and save time. Using this application, a RAN number is transferred into a schedule line, and the schedule order release is subsequently copied into the production order for the release.  As production is completed, the team uses Advanced Solutions’ compliance labeling application to generate Nissan-specific labels that include the RAN number linked to the production quantity.

As a final step to provide customer validation, products are scanned against deliveries to verify that the RAN numbers on deliveries match the goods being shipped.

Using an Advanced Solutions-provided IDOC ASN, the quantities and their associated RAN numbers are then transmitted to Nissan.

Advanced Solutions created a standard planning report that includes associated quantities and RAN numbers to better manage the overall process.



EDI integration


Industry solution

Final Result

Utilizing the developed solution, the customer was able to eliminate a manual process that required a paper based approach and also benefited by the ability to ensure that the customers specific requriements were satisfied whiole providing an audit trail to ensure compliance.

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