It’s common that customers need to quickly and easily generate a PDF for a document. Typically, we do this by setting up an output type that has a PDF output defined. But what if this is a last minute request from a user and no output is defined? 

An undocumented feature of the SAP print preview application allows you to generate it anyway. Here’s how:

You can execute this in any transaction that has print preview. (Note: this works for documents in your spooler as well since the feature is incorporated into the preview app itself.) The only caveat is that this only works for SMARTFORM-based forms up to NetWeaver 701. Newer version support both form types.

In this example, I’ll bring up VL03n and pull up a delivery note in print preview.

Select print preview

You’ll now be in the print preview app.

In the command window, type “PDF!” and press ENTER.

You’ll now be in the PDF preview and can save the PDF to your desktop. (Of course, you could print the PDF directly from the print preview, but that isn’t new.)

If you are on Netweaver 701 and newer, this is now available using a menu option by accessing  Go To->PDF Preview from the print preview menu.

Print preview option in newer versions of NetWeaver

Hope that quick tip helps.