The steps to reprint a Bill of Lading in SAP is easy, a Bill of Lading is a SAP output type. The output type itself sadly is customer specific so you’ll need to check your system output descriptions to know which output type you company has used.

We have standardized on the following output types

  • ZBLS – Standard Bill of lading
  • ZBLM – Master Bill of lading (for shipments only)
  • CMR1 – CMR Bill of lading (Eurpoe, shipments only)

With that in hand If we want to generate a bill of lading from a delivery we can reprint directly form the delivery itself so lets look at that first.

  1. Access transaction VL03n
  2. Enter the delivery number, do not press enter.
  3. Select from the menu Delivery -Issue output to
  4. Select your output type
    Select a Output to reprint

    Select an output to reprint

Wala! Bill of lading. OK lets look at an alternative.

  • Access transaction VL71
  • Enter the delivery and execute
    SAP VL71 reprint a BOL

    Reprint a BOL

  • Select the output type and execute
  • The transaction will regenerate the output but its not available as a preview.

For more information on our relevant solutions see links below:

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