It is very common when testing new processes that you need the ability to reprocess and IDOC several times or depending the test maybe you need to change an IDOC status to allow you to retry the posting of the IDOC.

Here are the easy steps to perform both.

Let remember a couple of important points

Status 53 -Green means that the IDOC was successfully processed

Status 64 -Yellow means the IDOC is waiting to be processed

Processed IDOCS

In the example above, we have a IDOC #956458 that we want to post again as part of a unit test. Since this IDOC is related to a external bank statement, we do not want to keep askign the bank to send us a new statement to test. So for the purposes of this example well take a statement that was sent previously and post as often as necessary to verify the results of our work.

#1 Reset the IDOC Status

Using Program RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS well change the status from 53(success) to 64 (Awaiting processing)

Execution of RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS

Note once we are sure we want to perform the action remove the test indicator to perform the actual change. After executing the status will be set at 64,.

IDOC has been reset

#2 Reprocess the IDOC

It’s that simple, now we’ll use BD87 to reprocess the IDOC as though it was a new one.

Success BD87

Alternatively a more popular method of posting copies is using the IDOC test tool WE19 that allows you to create and post a copy of an existing IDOC which is the typical way to repost an IDOC but this method comes in handy when you just want to use the same IDOCS.