A common task we deal with in EDI support is the need to test changes we make to IDOCS. In most cases, outbound IDOCS are easily generated via standard applications. For inbound IDOCS, we typically prefer to perform testing with samples of real-life documents from a production system.

In this post, we’ll show you the simple steps to transfer an IDOC from one system to another, even to a system in a different landscape (though you might need to make modifications to the imported IDOC once its transferred). Let’s get started.

1.From the productive system, access the test tool (WE19).

2.From the toolbar, select “Inbound file”.

3. In the subsequent dialog, enter the file name and location.

4. Deselect the “Start IDoc inbound processing of file immediately” and enter a destination (see notes about destination) and press ENTER.

5. Access transaction CG3Y – :Download File: Parameters, enter the source file from above and the destination on your local drive (see notes about source).

6. On the destination SAP system, go to transaction CG3Z – Upload File: Parameters, enter the source which will be on your drive and the destination (see notes about destination).

7. On the destination system again, access the WE19 test tool, enter the value you entered in the target in step 6 as a file template and select EXECUTE.

8. At this point, you have transferred your IDOC to the test system and it is ready for use.

Note about destination or source destination: Before transferring files to the application server, determine from your basis support where best to store these files so they can be deleted at a future time and not accumulated.

We hope this helps you. If you have any comments, leave them below.

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