AdvanceShip for SAP

Fully Integrated Small-Parcel Shipping Solution

Optimize Your Shipping Operations with the Most Efficient Integrated Shipping Solution Available

AdvanceShip for SAP helps companies easily coordinate shipping through multiple carriers, saving your business time and money while creating a better customer experience.

Integrated Freight Costs and Pricing

Utilize standard freight conditions to capture carrier charges.


Realistic delivery dates can be generated based on carrier delivery times.

Address Validation

Ship-to addresses are validated as they are entered for greater accuracy.

Streamline Multiple Carrier Interactions

AdvanceShip allows you to instantly access shipping information from a variety of major carriers so you can find the carrier and shipping service that is right for you.

Faster, More Accurate and Cost-Efficient Shipping When you add AdvanceShip to your operations, you will immediately benefit from:

  • Faster shipping procedures that get orders delivered before deadlines
  • Accurate destination information that drastically reduces incorrect deliveries
  • Lower shipping rates and a reduction in overall shipping costs
  • An optimal customer experience on every package you send
  • Increased communication with a wide range of shipping companies
Contact us today to see how AdvanceShip can impact your business.

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