CommandView for SAP EWM

Operational Analytics Platform for Modern Warehouses and Distribution Centers.

Better Than a Dashboard.

It’s a Mobile Supply Chain Command and Control Center for SAP WM/EWM.

Works with SAP EWM and SAP WM

Compatible with all versions of WM and EWM.

Real-time views

See real-time data from your distribution center, plant or warehouse.

Historical performances

Access historical values for quick and easy evaluations.


AI-based technology uses operational data to post real-time alerts so you can respond quickly to supply chain events.


Forget rules-based engines. Instead, AdvancedIQ uses a machine-learning model to identify issues. The result: timely labor and inventory decisions.

Advanced ScoreCard

Focus on the metrics that matter. Determine the KPIs to be tracked and get historical and current values.

CommandView Displays:


  • Open waves
  • Open deliveries, ODOs, ODs
  • Labor resource allocations
  • Packing station, queued orders
  • Shipment ready to load
  • Inventory document statues
  • And more depending on your environment

Used with AdvanceShip, get detailed visibility to pack station capacity and assignments.

Complements AdvancedDock, AdvancedShip and AdvanceCount

Get additional insights for small-parcel shipping and inventory cycle counting.


  • See orders queued at stations. Change packing sequences if needed.
  • PackStation user messaging.
  • Packing utilization.


  • AdvancedIQ recount recommendations.
  • AdvancedIQ ABC materials analysis.
  • Dynamic control groups determined on predictive models.

Mobilize. Automate.

Increase Supply Chain Responsiveness.

"Real-time information in the hands of front-line managers who are able to act on this intelligence is the killer productivity app."

– Phil Avelar, Managing Director, Advanced Solutions

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