Establish a SAP Connection from our iOS app.

All of our iOS apps use a standard module for establishing a connection to your SAP environment. I’ll walk you through the steps you can also see a walkthrough at the end of the post.

  1. Access the login page
  2. Access the SAP Connections option
  3. On the SAP connections page press the Add button
  4.  Enter the following values
    1. Group – This groups connection together, typically you only need one group, use your company name
    2. Connection Name – here label the connection with something like , “Development landscape”‘, “Production”, this allows you to be able to with back and forth from testing to production.
    3. ECC Host address – This is the address provided by your administrator or consultant that points to our backend functions.
    4. SystemId – This will be the 3 characters system ID assigned to your system
    5. Client – Enter the client that is used to connect to , this will be a 2 digit numeric value such as “00”, “02” etc.
  5. Finally save your values
  6. Your new connection will be displayed in the SAP Connections box, select back to return to the login screen.
  7. On the login screen select the SAPSystem option below the username and password and select your newly created connection..
  8. Enter your userid and password as normal and select “Submit”

See the video below for the easy steps.


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