Advanced Solutions enhances eBOL technology across digital supply chain platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                               February 23, 2021

(Chicago, Ill.)  Advanced Solutions, today launched enhanced support for hazardous materials with its eBOL – digital bill of lading data model and digital Supply Chain platform. Shippers of hazardous material will now be able to use and benefit from the company’s eBOL technology supported within their platform that includes the AdvancedBOL, AdvancedDock and the Advanced Supply Chain Network (AdvSCM) . Their AdvancedBOL and AdvancedDock solutions now support new hazardous material workflows and enhanced digital document formats such as Hazard declarations and supplemental Hazardous sheets for VICS and AIAG bill of ladings.

“By upgrading our digital platform to account for the unique challenges surrounding hazardous material, we’re able to offer our products to a whole new subset of the shipping industry,” explained Phillip Avelar, Managing Principal of Advanced Solutions. “This is incredibly exciting, and we’re eager to see how our solutions can help these new customers digitize critical documents for easy retrieval, increase dock turnover and formalize business rules around the handling of hazardous materials. AdvancedDock and AdvancedBOL are both designed to cut out unnecessary transaction steps, increase efficiency and enhance safety. We know that shippers of hazardous material will appreciate those benefits.”

Bill of lading digital signature

Advanced Solutions eBOL for Hazardous shipping

AdvancedDock for SAP logistics, is a smart solution that enables contactless workflows and provides innovative visibility of site dock activities, resulting in labor reductions. The software accomplishes this through three key features: DockView, self-service capabilities and electronic Bill of Lading technology (eBOL).

AdvancedBOL for SAP  – provides a full lifecycle solution for the generation of Bill of ladings and additional shipping documents, execution including e-signature capture and management to ensure compliance with company and government regulations.

For those interested in learning more about the newest release of the Advanced Supply Chain platform, they can get more information and request a demo on the Advanced Solutions website at

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About Advanced Solutions: Advanced Solutions is a supply chain technology solution provider focused on digitization and visibility of logistics supply chains. Advanced Solutions delivered the first eBOL (digital Bill of Lading) to shippers via its AdvancedBOL solution. To learn more, go to our website. 

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