The logistics and trucking industry faces an ever-increasing demand for efficient and secure transportation solutions. Amidst fluctuating capacity demands, carriers may legitimately subcontract loads to other carriers to efficiently handle peak loads. However, it is essential to differentiate between this practice and the illegal practice of double brokering, where a carrier brokers the load to another carrier without the shipper’s knowledge. Double brokering can lead to issues related to custody of goods and liability in case of a claim.

Recent legislative efforts, such as the proposed Motor Carrier Safety Selection Standard Act, further emphasize the need for shippers and manufacturers to ensure their trucking partners are appropriately licensed, registered, and insured. With tight integration to the shipper’s host ERP system, Advanced Solutions can enhance the security aspects of each step in the logistics process: tendering the load to a carrier, scheduling the pickup, and the physical pickup. This article explores how these innovative software solutions can be used to ensure the legitimacy of trucking firms and drivers at every stage while mitigating risks associated with subcontracting and double brokering.

Step 1: Secure Load Tendering

The initial phase of the logistics process involves tendering the load to a carrier or broker. Ensuring the legitimacy of the chosen carrier is vital to protect the shipper’s interests and guarantee the security of the load. AdvancedDock can be utilized to:

  1. Authenticate Carrier Credentials: By connecting to a centralized service and utilizing the DOT SAFER service, AdvancedDock can verify the Motor Carrier (MC) and Department of Transportation (DOT) numbers of carriers, ensuring their legitimacy and compliance with the Motor Carrier Safety Selection Standard Act.
  2. Manage Carrier Tenders: Shippers can leverage AdvancedDock to easily access and manage carrier tenders, keeping track of carriers assigned to shipments and all necessary documentation and terms of service.

Step 2: Efficient and Secure Pickup Scheduling

Once a load has been tendered to a verified carrier, the next phase involves scheduling the pickup. Efficient scheduling is essential to ensure timely delivery and avoid potential security issues. AdvancedBOL can be employed to:

  1. Automate Scheduling Processes: Streamlining the scheduling process with AdvancedDock reduces human error and simplifies communication between shippers, carriers, and brokers.
  2. Monitor Shipment Progress: By providing real-time updates and alerts, AdvancedDock enables all parties to monitor shipment progress, which helps identify potential issues before they escalate.

Step 3: Ensuring Secure Physical Pickup

The final step in the logistics process is the physical pickup of the load. Ensuring the arriving driver is a legitimate representative of the trucking firm is paramount. AdvancedDock can play a vital role in the verification process:

  1. Verify Driver Identity: AdvancedDock verifies shippers and carriers to quickly confirm the legitimacy of the trucking firm or driver using their MC and DOT numbers.
  2. Apply Business Rules: AdvancedDock can automatically apply business rules to disallow transactions with restricted carriers that have been previously identified or disallowed based on key carrier values, such as certificate of insurance or time in business. These checks can be automated or trigger notifications for shipping personnel, further enhancing load security and compliance with the Motor Carrier Safety Selection Standard Act.
  3. Subcontractor Validation: If the arriving carrier is a subcontractor, AdvancedBOL can facilitate confirmation with the original carrier to ensure the legitimacy of the subcontractor and verify liability coverage, reducing the risk of unauthorized load transfers and double brokering.
  4. Record-Keeping and Reporting: AdvancedBOL can log and store all relevant data, including driver identification, vehicle registration, and pickup times. This data can be easily accessed for future reference.

Tools like AdvancedDock are necessary in this rapid changing world to ensure the security of your loads.


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