To prepare for our annual review of our landscape, I sat down this week for some light reading with my handy SAP Master Guide for Netweaver. If you’re not already performing a landscape review, I encourage you to make this an annual process. Many times, a landscape review only occurs as part of a system implementation project and there is never enough time to consider the overall landscape and any changes that might make it easier to manage.

We have never really given a lot of thought to system IDs (who knew the number of systems would grow so much when we were at SAP 3.1?) so I thought I would come up with something that made sense to use going forward, so as a system is implemented, it is easy for others to make the assignment. I realize that not everyone is going to be able to change the SIDs they use, so this may only be for discussion purposes.  Because our landscape includes what I will call a reference landscape that our consultants use for training and customer work, we have that ability. Here is what I came up with. If you have thoughts, I would certainly like to hear other opinions.

The intelligent naming convention is as follows (System type + role + sequential number)

System type
E = R/3 ERP ECC (OK whatever the base system is called)
M = Solution Manager
P = Portal
B = BI
X = XI

P = Production
D = Development
T = Training

So, for a ECC system install, we will use the following system IDs: (ED1 = ERP Development, EQ1 = ERPQAS, EP1 = ERP Production, EI1=ERP IDES). This seems to work well and it is able to handle most scenarios. The sequential number at the end allows us to establish a duplicate landscape if that is ever needed.

So now that I have that out of the way, on to some additional planning.

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