Last year saw the release of EWM 9.5 and we are finally starting to see some actual implementation so I wanted to put together a list of the enhancements and some perspective on each one.

Support changes to outbound delivery after sync

  • Supported Changes
  • Batch
  • Dates
  • Texts
  • Shipping type and delivery priority

Advanced Labor Management

  • Processor
  • Shift
  • Time and Attendance
    • Ability to use external T&A system
  • Checks for travel distance setup

Pick by Cart Application

Uses SAP Fiori, supports

Order Cancellation for synced EWM orders

E-Commerce Returns App 2.0

  • Supports Handling Units
  • Support for serial number products
  • Support for GS1, EAN and GTIN number scanning

Pallet Planning

Improved package building Algorithm

Stock Consolidation

  • Support exception handling
  • combined serial number
  • Support for Pick by Voice
  • Pick from Bulk
    • Pick from HU
    • Pick full HU
  • Labor Management integration
    • Planned Duration
    • Warehouse Monitor display

Resource based warehouse order optimization

Skip delivery requests

Integration to Global batch Trace-ability (GBT)

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