As consultants we regularly work on many different SAP systems, since we may work on the same functionality from client to client we use an easy trick supported by SAPgui to get ourselves setup on a new system as quickly as possible. Of course if you like drilling through the standard Easy Access menu, you can stop reading. I am providing an example role you can use for this below so follow along so you can leverage this trick in your work as well. 

1. Download the example file below -right click and select “Save target as” and save it to your hard drive or desktop.
2. Upload this file to your favourites as shown on the next screen:
Upload favorites
3. Browse to where you downloaded your text File. Highlight the file and select Open.
4. If you get a pop-up similar to that below, select append so that you don’t wipe out any favorites that you may have already setup.
5. Once the file is uploaded, your new favourites menu will appear under your existing favourites.

I realize this is simple but I posted this because I was surprised that not many people are aware of it and if I can save you 5 minutes my work here is done.


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